Next to the tradition of Do Manh Tien (the fourth generation of Do family) ancestors, Mr. Do Nang Dau’s first son was the first of the family to boldly invest in the purchase of modern production equipment. Applying with the motto OF TRADITIONAL – ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY to produce the family products of the company with passionate passion in 2001, he decided to establish VAN HUONG Food Processing Co., Ltd. with The goal of honoring traditional flavors with the spirit of serving the community of high quality products.

With long-term experience, strict management of product quality combined with advanced production lines, Van Huong’s products with high quality are trusted by consumers. products are sold in most supermarkets and state-owned enterprises nationwide. With experience and achievements over the years, Van Huong Food Processing Company is proud to be the leading company in the field. Production and distribution of processed agricultural products is an effective support unit of farmers processing and consuming agricultural harvest products.

Van Huong Food Processing Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. The precursor of the company was developed from Van Huong base, has a long tradition, specialized in processing and producing all kinds of rice flour and cake, mung bean flour, tapioca flour, etc .. all kinds of apricot, traditional jam made from fresh fruits, European and Asian pastries, etc.

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In order to increase efficiency in production and business activities, quickly integrate with the development process of regional countries, prepare for the process of joining AFTA in 2003 & 2004, the Company continues to invest in the production line. being produced nutritional powder, pastry, industrial cake, drying, mixing, stirring with Omai completely automatically with a total investment value of nearly VND 5 billion. These products are highly nutritious, hygienic and affordable for many consumers. The goal of the company is striving in the coming years to apply the product quality management system (HACCP and ISO9002).

To achieve the results today, Van Huong always attaches great importance to food safety and hygiene, improves product quality to serve consumers better and better, creating more material wealth for Social is the first important goal. Van Huong continually invests, provides intensive training for technical workers, traditional experiences that have been drawn up for many years so that workers can get the most effective work. water, and export to foreign countries. Van Huong Company develops a system of State-owned distributors and supermarkets of 61 provinces. The company always ensures that the distribution business is smooth and timely. With the capacity, experience and years of attachment, the system of distributors and agents of the Company has significantly contributed to its growth and development.

One of the achievements and pride that the company has achieved in the past 15 years, is a team of highly trained technical workers. The company’s products are trusted by consumers. Investing in developing skilled human resources to join hands to contribute to public health is one of the top goals of the leadership of Van Huong company.

General Director,

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