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Do they have a job clan Confectionary, flour, Omai spent 4 generations handed down from 1902. Run RV profession is organized Energy Forum (Forum particular reason) has stores in 34 Hang Duong and Hang Vai Shenzhen (now the Hang Vai) has nicknamed Xuan Lan. Specifically Ly Dien later retransmission younger son is training for specific Ton Do Cu (nicknamed tools Two Beans). The middle son of two instruments is Do Energy Beans are vacuum transmission Rooster is one of the prominent artists in the profession processed cakes, jams, candy, baking powder, baking plastic, green bean powder, and he kind of Omai Do the brothers Rooster energy meter families join hands to rebuild nest profession. Job developers Confectionary, flour, Omai, who goes towards production of raw materials. Do Rooster energy industries development in Hanoi’s brother Ty Do energy development along clan lines Xuan Dinh village ear – Tu Liem – Hanoi (today Xuan Dinh became traditional villages).

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