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The Do family has a job of making jam and flour cakes. The apricot sauce has been passed down for 4 generations since 1902. Starting a career is a tool of Do Nang Dien (Ly Dien tool) with a store at 34 Hang Duong and Hang Street. Shroud (now Hang Vai Street) has the name Xuan Lan. Ly Dien later passed on the job to the second child, Do Ton Cu (often called Hai Dau). Hai Dau's second son, Mr. Do Nang Dau, was handed down as one of the most famous artists in the processing of cakes, jams, candies, pastries, mung bean flour, and various kinds of Mr. Oh. Do dau with the brothers and family of the Do family together to rebuild their careers. The person who develops the profession of making jam and flour cake, Omai, who follows the direction of producing materials. Mr. Do Nang Dau developed his career in Hanoi, his younger brother, Mr. Do Nang Ty and his family developed the industry at Xuan Dinh - Tu Liem - Ha Noi village (today Xuan Dinh becomes a traditional craft village).

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