Giỏ hàng


In 1980, Mr.Nang Dau Do took the brand name Van Huong with the wish to provide various traditional products to the community. Van Huong was registered at the Vietnamese Intellectual Property Department. Mr. Ton Cu Do (usually called Hai Dau) and his son Nang Dau Do trained in many jobs related to making cake and jam. They traveled from the North to the South in their training. Mr.Ton Cu Do was a chef at Metropol hotel, Northern Food Company at 86 Tran Hung Dao Street and he was given the task to welcome Indian delegation with traditional cakes. He even received a Certificate of merits for his outstanding work. He was the first one who gives this traditional job a place it deserves. Mr.Ton Cu Do created many recipes for making traditional delicacies and producing the best ingredient for his creations. Up until now, there are many cakes and jams disappeared from the market such as: Turnip cake, Manh Cong cake, Rose cake with shrimp, Water chestnut jam, Red pumpkin jam, Lemon jam, Clammy tomato jam, Wampee jam, etc. If you would love to have a taste of traditional delicacies, please come to the Do family.

Continuing the ancestor’s tradition, Mr.Manh Tien Do – the second son of Mr.Nang Dau Do (Do family’s 4th generation) was the first to invest in modern technology in production with the slogan: Traditional flavor – Advanced technology. With his burning passion, Mr.Manh Tien Do established Van Huong Co. Ltd with the aim to honor the traditional delicacies and serve the community with high quality products.

With an of an experienced leader, a strict product’s quality management combined with advanced production line, Van Huong’s products are trusted by consumers and they are available in almost every supermarket system in Vietnam. With the experience and achievements achieved in the past years, Van Huong Co. Ltd is proud to be the leading unit in producing and providing production from agricultural goods and Van Huong is an invaluable ally of farmers.

Van Huong Co. Ltd was established in 2001. The predecessor company was developed from Van Huong, with a long tradition, specializes in manufacturing and processing all kinds of cake ingredients, moon cake, mung bean flour, cassava flour, dried fruits, traditional jams produced from fresh fruits and European cakes, etc.

In order to increase efficiency in production and business activities, integrating into the development process of the countries in the region, in preparation for the accessing AFTA in 2003 & 2004, the Company continues to invest in line production equipment for nutrition powder, pastries, cakes industrial drying systems, mixer, stirred dried fruit.

Fully automatic with the investment totaling nearly 5 billion VND. These are products which have high nutrition value, safe and have competitive prices for many consumer class. Target companies are striving for years to come is to apply a quality management system product (HACCP and ISO9002).

To achieve today’s result, Van Huong always prioritize food safety, improving the quality of products to serve consumers better and better, creating more material wealth for society is the most important goal. Van Huong continuous investment, specialized training for technical workers in traditional experience has been shaped over the years to allow workers to work with highest efficient. Van Huong aims to dominate the market in country and export to foreign nations.

Van Huong developed a system of state-owned distributors and supermarkets in 61 provinces. The company always ensures the distribution business is a smooth and timely manner. With the capacity, experience and years of sticking, system distributors and agents, the company has contributed significantly to the growth and development of their own.

One of the achievements and the pride that the company achieved in the last 9 years, that is a team of well-trained technical personnel with high expertise was molded from the intense training here. The company’s products are trusted by consumers. Investment in development of human resources skilled to contribute to community health is one of the leading target Van Huong’s leaders aim to.


Manh Tien Do